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Prerequisites for Ambassador Program

We are kicking off the new year with the chance for the community to help contribute. If you are interested in joining our ambassador program please see the below prerequisites.

Tiers based on quality of content:

Tier 1: Posts with information/links and no images

Tier 2: Posts with information/links and InfoGraphic and/or Memes

Tier 3: Posts with information/links, images and video

Rewards based off tiers

Tier 1: 10 UGD per piece (max 30 pieces a month)

Tier 2: 20 UGD per piece (max 15 pieces a month)

Tier 3: 50 UGD per piece (max 6 pieces a month)

Max 300 UGD a month


50 words for for 1 UGD

Max 300 UGD a month

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Thank you for your interest in Unigrid. Signup for our ambassador program is currently closed.