A foundation for a decentralized, consensus-driven, segmented blockchain-based Internet.
    Over 500 masternodes and counting.


The original Internet was envisioned to become an open and distributed network that was scalable and fair, allowing access to data and services without surveillance or security concerns. However, in recent years, the network has become increasingly centralized and controlled by big businesses running huge data centers. This centralization has given big entities and businesses unprecedented control of the traffic and data of the network.

As a remedy to this deteriorating trend, we suggest the inception of a decentralized and consensus-driven segmented blockchain network based on a striped storage solution. The protocol allows for a completely decentralized and secure blockchain-based Internet where anybody, including private persons, can host an income-generating service node, aiding the network with compute cycles, bandwidth and storage space. To allow for complete utilization of the network, an access layer is provided, allowing for the development of protocols, services and infrastructure.


Currently the caretakers of UNIGRID do have fulltime work they do to support themselves and their families. UNIGRID did not have any sort of fundraising or sell governance so the means to develop this project is based on our free time. It has been a busy year for us with work, family, and also Adam teaching at university. It's looking like our schedules should start to free up sometime by May 2020. As time allows between now and then we will continue writing articles for marketing and concepting our network infrastructure.


Firstly we do not have any specific dates set for each point below. Things will be worked on and released in the order shown.

  1. Finish the website
  2. Publish a somewhat finished white paper describing the initial implementation.
  3. Daemonize the wallet completely.
  4. Implement a first basic electron wallet, focusing on the most essential functionality.
  5. Implement and push out a beta release of the decentralized Unigrid network.
  6. Finalize and release the staking pool.
  7. Iterative development of the different components of the Unigrid ecosystem (white paper and other technical specifications, wallet, daemon and the different services we will develop to support the network).
  8. Goto 7


Blog articles about UNIGRID and a decentralized internet.


Click on your operating system to download the UNIGRID wallet.

Days until block halving and rewards drop to 1 units.

Coin Specs

Information on UNIGRID coin specs and masternode requirements.

  • Block time 1 minute
  • Collateral for a masternode 3000
  • POS-MN rewards only (no POW)
  • Reward Split - (MN POS Budget) 62% 31% 7%
  • Block 600 000 - 799 999: 4 units
  • Block 800 000 - 999 999: 2 units
  • Block > 1 000 000: 1 unit + deflation calculation.
  • The deflation is calculated as follows: For every 50 000 blocks the reward is decreased 1% from its previous value. Hence, this is a cumulative calculation.
  • Max UNIGRID supply 21,000,000


Market Cap of UNIGRID: $100,000


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