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Join the next Internet revolution, a decentralized global network

Looking for a way to decentralize your cloud infrastructure? Look no further than Unigrid! Our innovative solution provides an answer to a truly decentralized Internet. Join us in building a new era of cloud computing, free from geographical limitations and centralized control.

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Why Unigrid is a market disruptor

The Next Internet Revolution

Unigrid is the next natural step in the evolution of the Internet. A load balanced network that is completely anonymous and resistant to eavesdropping. The segmented design features sharding, data striping and parity blocks - creating a network that protects against service disruption and data loss.

Anybody can contribute resources to the network by hosting a gridnode (a service node), supplying bandwidth, compute cycles and storage space.

How Much Can I Make?




The potential earnings, per month, when operating a gridnode on the Unigrid network. Final earnings are highly dependant on network adoption, use and the utilization of the server:


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The Unigrid Network aims to become the first truly decentralized and anonymous alternative to the regular Internet - contact us and we will tell you more!

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  • "As some countries block sites and jam communications, this project is vowing to offer a truly decentralized and anonymous alternative to the regular internet. Unigrid believes its solution can further enhance internet adoption and usage — all while addressing the pain points in the cloud computing sector, which include high prices and limited product offerings." » Continue to article

  • "One of the most compelling features that Unigrid offers is that it's an anonymous network. That means that all of your data is encrypted and stored on the blockchain. The only person who will be able to view your data is you - unless you store it publicly or give another individual permission. Also, since Unigrid is decentralized, there's no single point of attack for hackers or other bad actors to take advantage of - effectively thwarting most denial of service attacks." » Continue to article

  • "This blockchain project and its accompanying white paper is the most groundbreaking since the introduction of Ethereum. Its innovative approach to decentralization and its potential to revolutionize various industries is astounding."

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