About us

The Unigrid Network pioneers in leveraging DePin and Web3 technologies to offer a truly decentralized and anonymous cloud service, free from centralized control. This network not only provides resistance to traditional firewalls but also redefines cloud services by eliminating the need for costly, centralized data centers. Discover a new era of digital freedom and security, where users enjoy unparalleled autonomy and privacy.


The Network

Unigrid is dedicated to constructing a decentralized Internet powered by DePin and Web3 technologies, enabling users to have absolute control over their data without centralized oversight. The network uses gridnodes for decentralized storage, communication, and compute services.

As the network grows and more gridnodes come online, the network’s power and storage capacity increases, allowing organizations and individuals to rent these resources safely and securely. This allows users to store data and applications in a redundant, encrypted and decentralized way.





These gridnodes enhance the network’s capacity as they multiply, offering scalable, secure, and rentable resources. Unigrid’s innovative use of sharded, segmented, and anonymous data storage across multiple blockchains offers unparalleled security, redundancy, and performance, paving the way for a new era of Internet freedom.


Building the foundation

Unigrid plans to hold several funding rounds to finance the development of the network and expand its services to target the traditional cloud market and business segments. To promote the network and generate revenue, early backers and supporters will have the opportunity to host nodes and offer storage, compute cycles, and network bandwidth to participants. Additional sales rounds will be hosted with the help of partners and a private sales platform.

Unigrid is presenting its business plan and technical white paper to accredited firms and investors, and is quickly preparing for the future with the recent growth of its team. Join us in building a decentralized Internet with no boundaries or limitations!

Cosmos Ecosystem

Unigrid fully harnesses the power of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to extend its decentralized network services across the Cosmos ecosystem. Our IBC integration facilitates the provision of drive storage and computational services to all connected chains, creating a seamless, interoperable web of decentralized resources. Our partnership with the Landslide network further amplifies this reach, bridging our services to the Avalanche network and setting the stage for a universally connected and service-rich decentralized internet.

IBC Computational Network

Imagine a Cosmos-based blockchain dedicated to AI research requiring extensive computational power. Through IBC, it could harness Unigrid’s distributed network of compute cycles, enabling more intensive data processing without compromising decentralization. This symbiosis exemplifies Unigrid’s potential to empower ecosystems, allowing them to achieve computational tasks previously out of reach, fostering innovation and advancement across the Cosmos.


Presenting Unigrid

To give you a deeper understanding of what Unigrid is all about, we’ve created some engaging and informative printed materials in PDF format. These resources dive into the technical implementation details of our decentralized network and explain how Unigrid is transforming the way we think about the Internet. We invite you to access these materials and discover how Unigrid is driving innovation and paving the way for a more open and secure online world.

  • White Paper

    Technical specification written for that inner nerd. Covers intricate implementation details of the protocol.

  • Orange Paper

    General project description & overview. Describes the reason for creating Unigrid and it's impact on society and the Internet.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Defines the terms of use for the website and network. These include guidelines and other sections to which users must agree to.

  • Privacy Policy

    Describes what kind of information this website collects. We follow the european General Data Protection Regulation and Swedish law.

  • The Unigrid Foundation Statutes

    General legal document for the foundation. Describes operational rules and how the board is elected.

  • The Unigrid Foundation Charter

    Outlines the governing conditions of the foundation. This includes it's goals and the obligations of the board.



Unigrid’s tokenomics, refined and ratified through a community-driven governance process, align with the principles set in the Unigrid DAO Constitution. The structure is crafted to support a robust valuation and attract meaningful investment, ensuring a token model that promotes wide participation. This approach aims to balance growth with the long-term interests of the network and its contributors.

For detailed information on vesting and distribution, the Unigrid DAO Constitution provides comprehensive insight.

Project Timeline

Raised funds will be used to support development in the order specified below. Please refer to the orange paper for further details.

  • Q2 2022
  • Q2 2023
  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024
  • Q3 2024
  • Q4 2024