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Unigrid revolutionizes the Internet with a load-balanced, anonymous, and eavesdropping-resistant network. that ensures complete uptime and data redundancy. Invest in Unigrid to shape the future of the Internet.

Say goodbye to downtime and security concerns. Join us for a more reliable, secure, and resilient online cloud ecosystem.

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Our Strategic Partners & Investors have placed their trust in the future of our blockchain-based network

Unigrid revolutionizes the cloud market with cutting-edge technology for 100% uptime and data redundancy. Our cost-effective pricing, anonymous and eavesdropping-resistant network, and democratic approach are game-changers that challenges the status quo.

Learn why Unigrid is the future of cloud services and how it unlocks unparalleled potential. Unlock limitless potential with the Future of Cloud Services and elevate your business to new heights!

Utility Token

To support the network and enable rapid payments and a network economy, a native utility token is provided. Via the token, anybody can support development and buy into the network and the project.

Why Unigrid?

Unigrid revolutionizes cloud services with a cost-effective, redundant, and democratic global network. Our transparent pricing and decentralized approach ensure reliable access for all. Join us to shape the future of the cloud industry by investing in our innovative platform. Say goodbye to overcharging, downtime, and centralization. Be part of our mission to create a better, more reliable, and truly democratic cloud network.

Together, we can put an end to unscheduled downtimes and make them a thing of the past.


Founders & Team

Together, the two original founders of the The Unigrid Foundation have over half a century of experience within computer science and software engineering. Coupled with over a decade of experience developing enterprise software and many years operating a data center, we have the skillset and history required for the task ahead.

With our partner, Ejwa Hosting AB, The Unigrid Foundation operates a data center in central Gothenburg. This allows the foundation to support the community, network and project with infrastructure and gridnodes. With a connection to a 10TB/s backbone, our data center can support any future traffic requirements.

With a diverse team with decades of experience, The Unigrid Foundation is ready to deliver a new era in cloud computing and the Internet.

Further information about the team can be found at our contact page on the main site.



Additional tokens will be minted in order to reach a total supply of 100 million tokens. After the three sales round very few additional tokens will be minted via Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Out of the tokens minted, only a very small portion is allocated to team members. Instead, we chose to place the majority of these extra tokens under the careful care of The Unigrid Foundation in adherence with the charter.

Project Timeline

Raised funds will be used to support development in the order specified below. Please refer to the orange paper for further details.

  • Q2 2022
  • Q2 2023
  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024
  • Q3 2024
  • Q4 2024


  • White Paper

    Technical specification written for that inner nerd. Covers intricate implementation details of the protocol.

  • Orange Paper

    General project description & overview. Describes the reason for creating Unigrid and it's impact on society and the Internet.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Defines the terms of use for the website and network. These include guidelines and other sections to which users must agree to.

  • Privacy Policy

    Describes what kind of information this website collects. We follow the european General Data Protection Regulation and Swedish law.

  • The Unigrid Foundation Statutes

    General legal document for the foundation. Describes operational rules and how the board is elected.

  • The Unigrid Foundation Charter

    Outlines the governing conditions of the foundation. This includes it's goals and the obligations of the board.